PRP Oxygen Rejuvenating Cleanser

PRP Oxygen Rejuvenating Cleanser

SKU: 0257359350

This invigorating and rejuvenating cleanser awakens the skin with ginseng, orchid and glycoproteins. These key ingredients help to stimulate the skin promoting oxygen revitalizing effects, which are lost with aging. We've further enhanced this formula with Japanese green tea, one of the most effective skin-soothing ingredients. 





Decyl Glucoside - This natural corn derived surfactant possesses moisturizing properties and is gentle for delicate skin.

Glycoproteins - known for its rejuvenating and revitalizing properties.

Ginseng Extract - Ginseng Extract is beneficial in this toner for revitalizing and conditioning all skin types. Used for thousands of years and touted to be life prolonging, it is a cure for literally all human ills and the cornerstone of a multimillion dollar ginseng trade.

Japanese Green Tea Extract ( Camellia Olifera Extract) - This extract helps reduce skin irritation and redness. Japanese Green Tea Extract acts as an effective anti-oxidant to scavenge free radicals. 


6.7 FL. OZ (200 ML)